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Unique and useful ways to wrap baby gifts

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Unique and useful ways to wrap baby gifts

Try these creative and practical ways to wrap baby gifts.
There is nothing wrong with wrapping a gift in beautiful paper, but why not try one of these useful and unusual baby wraps. Each wrap idea makes part of the gift into the wrapping in a fun and unique way.
Blanket Wrap
Receiving blankets are soft, cute and make great gift wrap that can be used and used. For a beautiful way to wrap a medium-sized baby gift, set it in the center of an unfolded baby blanket; lift the blanket up around the gift and bundle the excess fabric at the top. Use a wide ribbon to secure the bundled blanket and tie it in a large bow. Tie a small stuffed animal or rattle to the outside of the package for extra pizzazz.

Tub of presents
Planning to give a baby bathtub for a shower gift along with some other items? Place all of the small items inside the tub. Wrap translucent cellophane or sheer tulle around the bathtub, gathering the excess material at the top of the package. Tie a ribbon around the package, sealing the items inside the tub. Use an extra piece of ribbon to tie a small, attractive bath toy to the bow.

Storage and supply basket
Babies have a lot of stuff and storage is always at a premium. Consider giving a set of nesting storage baskets with beautiful fabric liners as a baby gift. Storage baskets can be used at the changing table, on shelves and even just placed on the floor to organize all of baby's gear. To prepare the gift, nest the baskets, keeping the liner of the bottom-most basket pulled up around the other baskets; fill the top basket with a selection of practical items like diapers, diaper cream, bibs, grooming kits, infant pain reliever or wipes. Pull the sides of the cloth liner from the bottom basket up so it holds all of other the baskets. Cinch the liner so it creates a wrap for the gifts tucked into the baskets. Add a bow or small toy to the top of the package.

Diaper Bag
A diaper bag is a must for any mom. Instead of wrapping a diaper bag when you give it as a gift, use it as your gift wrap. Tuck handy items such as diapers, portable wipes container, disposable bibs and pacifiers into the bag and tie a large ribbon and bow around the bag. This is a gift that will get used every day!

Towel of toiletries
Want to get the new parents all ready for bath time? Purchase a large hooded towel and use it to wrap up baby soap, shampoo, soft washcloths and a rubber ducky. Fold the towel in half and place the bath items towel in a row, a third of the way up the towel, keeping them at least four inches from each edge. Start at the bottom edge of the towel and roll it up, enclosing the bath items inside. Secure the roll at each end by securing ribbons around it and tying them into bows.

Framed gift
Gift certificates are great gifts for new parents; they help out with those unexpected necessities. For a fun and memorable way to "wrap" a gift certificate, purchase an appropriately sized baby motif picture frame. Place the gift certificate in the frame where a picture will ultimately reside. Finish the gift by attaching a large bow to the frame. For a more "finished" look, bundle the frame in sheer pastel organza before tying it with a ribbon. This is a perfect wrap for a gift certificate to a local photography studio specializing in babies!

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